There are shoes. And then there are Manolos.
Oh, and yes, there’s that little green monster hiding behind.


Dear reader, two things I have confessed about me until now: I am a shoeholic, and I love Sex and the City. Now, tell me, who doesn’t remember the final scene of the SATC movie, when Mr Big proposes to Carrie with THAT shoe?
For months, there had been a craze about the Hangisi in royal blue. They were the perfect “something blue” to wear at your wedding, or to wear anywhere at all, that is if you managed to walk in them. (Mine are the 11 cm ones, which puts them into the “ouch” zone after a couple of hours)

It would have been some more years before I managed to find them in my size. (Note to Mr Manolo: please, please, what has Milan done to you? Open a store already!!) It is absurd: Manolos are made in Italy, very close to Milan, but until a few years back it was almost impossible to find them. My wedding shoes were Manolo, in white silk: they were produced here, sold in the USA, online ordered by me and sent back home just in time for the ceremony. Those shoes travelled more than me!

I am all about colours. Lots of IG followers ask me: why don’t you ever wear neutrals / black / own black bags? The answer is pretty simple: I am blessed with a happy-go-lucky personality which expresses itself by wearing colours. I wear black when  I want to feel sexy in a different way, I wear neutrals when it is required by some formal occasion. But everyday? Rainbow it is.



So one beautiful day this Preen by Thornton Bregazzi yellow little number came along. I adored it but refused to get it, pulling excuses such as “I have too many dresses” and making my little brother Nic laugh. Then it got sold out: OF COURSE it did. Instantly, I wanted it back, it was the “I have to have it” piece of clothing. The Gods of Net-à-porter smiled at me, it came back in stock in my size and we were happily united few days later.
What was there not to love? The full, heavy skirt, the fabric that gives it beautiful shape, and why not, the cleavage. It won’t be my work attire dress of the month, but it sure makes me happy when I stroll around Milan!

I admit it: I sold my soul to the Hermès devil. For years I said, it isn’t my thing, I don’t get the hype, I am much more of a Chanel or Dior girl.
Then the “Bambou” colour came up in the hands of the SA and I lost all my dignity, exploding in a little happy laughter. I could go on explaining what kind of girl I was all day long, you do not say “no” to a Kelly in THAT shade of green. If it was good enough for Grace Kelly, who am I to say no? 😀
I often dress it up with a twilly. I even gave it a name: every Hermes I will ever get will be named; a special year, a special bag, a special name!
For the occasion, Kelly got to play with a Dolce & Gabbana belt and the Manolos. Don’t they look a happy family?

This shooting happened in the gardens surrounding the PAC (The Pavillion of Contemporary Art in Milan). It is a beautiful villa, now a museum, with a children’s park surrounding it. The silence and the greenery are amazing, one would never suspect that such thing existed in the very core of the city.


There are times and places in Milan when I could just sit on a bench and enjoy the romantic surroundings for hours. The greenery provides fresh air, there is no traffic, all you can hear is ducks in the small pond nearby. The entire outfit just made me feel like an urban princess, I admit.

As every noble villa in the past, the garden had its all small temple. Nowdays teenagers scribble on the columns, but its charms are not lost to me. Feels a bit like “Pride and prejudice”, all I needed was Mr Darcy coming to meet me 😀



You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever.




Yes, to rediscover the pleasures of reading a real book in the park; if I can add the feeling of looking the world through pink sunglasses, I’ll take my vie en rose whenever and however I can.


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  1. Ari
    June 19, 2014 at 5:03 pm (5 years ago)

    Beautiful shot’s and a perfect match of green and blue… XO


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