May 2014:  #ladyViolanteGoesToFlorence

One fine day, a proposal you can’t refuse: Dior wants to know if Mme Violante would like to go to Florence to the opening of the new boutique?

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Today I will share with you some of my personal pictures taken in May during my 48 hours trip to Florence, with a maison I adore – Dior.

“Madame Violante, we would like to know if you would consider going to Florence for the opening of our new Florentine boutique. We would take good care of you!”

The love story between me and Dior is not that old. I always loved this fashion house but I always thought I just wasn’t the type of a woman for their clothes. Boy, I was wrong! Because once I entered the Milan boutique, I was made to feel loved and treasured as in few other places. I can say now, without any doubt, that wearing Dior makes me feel like a princess from another time: I feel the sweet “weight” of the maison’s history, my whole posture changes and I simply feel polished and pretty. Add the beauty of the boutique, the enormous changing rooms and the champagne that accompanies every tryout of a new collection, and you get the idea.
So, when this special love of mine proposed, I could only say “YES”!

There was no doubt in my mind who would be my + 1 in this trip: my little brother Nic shares my passion for Dior – you could say he was the one that pushed me, quite literally, into the store some time ago. So we dived into the preparations. I was the only client being sent from the Milanese store: what would I wear?

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There was to be an opening cocktail in the new store, followed by a dinner in a Michelin starred restaurant. The day after, we would have access to some of the Florentine most precious spots, freely chosen among those proposed by Dior. That meant quite some outfits. Ah, the hardship of life! 😀

foto 2-25

This coat from the Pre-Fall collection was brought to me, and my first reaction was: “when hell freezes over!”. I don’t have that much of a relationship with animalier prints, despite loving baby blue and pink, and besides, I was not in the marked for an oversized coat. But when prompted by the lovely manager of the Milan store whom I cannot say no to, I tried it… and I fell in love. What you cannot see in the pic is the back of it: it falls into a quite voluminous cascade of fabric and generally reflects very much what Dior was famous for in the ’50s and ’60s. Feminine elegance, curious prints and gorgeous fabric. Who wouldn’t feel like a star?

foto 4-23


Next came the shoes. Casually, I had already bought them prior to this invite: runway, collector’s item handmade slingbacks. Can you see the level of detail? The flower ramage, the shoelace, the satin? The ultimate compliment to that coat, along with the small Diorissimo in baby pink with a stunning electric blue interior.

foto 4-22


My SA is a genius. Point. Because she can find everything, even before I know I want it.


foto 5-4

So, that was the final result: a knit dress tied up nicely the whole outfit. And my cocktail attire was ready to go!

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We arrived in Florence to the absolutely stunning Four Seasons Hotel. The gardens of this place were something out of a dream, and I will let some of the images we took give you an idea of your own.


foto 4-21

foto 2-22

foto 1-21

That, my dear readers, is the Florentine Duomo. Yes, it is THAT close to the city center.


So when we stopped staring at the gorgeous garden, it was time to settle into our room.

foto 4-2

A “his and hers” situation here.

foto 4

foto 3

Roses from Dior. A girl could get use to this!

foto 3-1

And of course, a bahtroom selfie. Which was followed by quite some laughter at our own seriousness. 😀

So, after we had enough of joking, singing, freshening up and glamming up – we went to the cocktail. And the Florentine boutique did not disappoint: everyone was there! The store is truly a work of art, and I will give you some of my favorite glimpses:


foto 3-6

foto 5-1

foto 4-1

The dinner that followed was beyond amazing, in a wonderful restaurant called Enoteca Pinchiorri, which had the most amazing wine card (or should I call that a huge wine book? I’m not kidding if I say it had at least 200 pages) you could ever see. We were privileged enough to be given a private tour of the wine cellar: after that, I think I had dinner over the wine equivalent of Fort Knox. Amazing! And the food was, of course, sublime.

The following day we got up and were graciously treated to a wonderful SPA morning. The Four Seasons SPA was the most amazing thing, and around lunch we were ready to take the world by storm – and join our Dior friends for some food (again!) and a visit to the Antico Setificio Fiorentino – the Antique Silk Factory of Florence. I assure you, it was quite some experience: I will never complain about the prices of silk again, now that I know how it is made. Take a look!

foto 4-12

foto 2-7

foto 5-12

That is untreated silk. Looks like hair, doesn’t it?

foto 4-6

foto 4-9

foto 1-10

foto 1-14

foto 3-16

foto 3-15

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My dear Diorissimo in pink was a great companion for this trip 🙂


So, after this wonderful and inspiring visit (the amount of time that it takes to get 1 square M of silk is just mind-blowing) we took a stroll around Florence for one last time, paid another visit to the store where I got something to remember it by, and then our driver took us back home. Some slept in the car (awww baby bro), some texted (as usual), but one thing is for sure: we spent a dreamy 48 hours in the Dior world, which is something you never want to go out of.
So thank you, Dior, thank you Madame Barbara, thank you Federica for all your efforts, for letting us be a part of such a dream.
And thank you, Nic, for all the love 🙂

See you soon, Firenze 🙂

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  1. Marci&Cami
    June 23, 2014 at 11:54 pm (5 years ago)

    Wow!! This is absolutely exciting!!
    Dior knows how to pamper girls, isn’t it?!?
    The coat was stunning!
    Next time you come to Florence we have to meet, I really like your style!




    • ladyviolante
      June 24, 2014 at 2:18 pm (5 years ago)

      Thank you darling,next time I’m there I’ll announce it before 😀
      love, Sandra


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