I have graduated in French language and literature. Now, I think I have graduated in Dior, and fell back in love avec la langue française.


I have always considered French to be the most wonderful language that ever existed: so soft, so sensual, très charming, irresistibly romantic. Lately, as I’ve been wearing braces at my old age, it has grown increasingly difficult to speak almost any language, but French has proven to be quite challenging. Add that to the fact that I’ve rarely practiced it since my graduation (I use mostly my own mother language, Italian and English, occasionally Spanish) and you will have a frustrated Lady Violante right there.
Yet, I’m not the one to surrender to such obstacles: I can be stubborn as hell, and I also have people around me speaking French constantly. Eh bien, I will get it back – but in the meanwhile I will speak Dior for a while, which is basically the same thing, am I right? 😀

As you have seen from my previous post, I am making no secret out of my ease within Raf Simons’ home. How can I resist a retro allure, me who has been complaining about not having lived in the ’50-s?


So, may I introduce you both to Dior and Milan’s new face? This is the Garibaldi area, once not-so-popular and not-so-safe and now a hot place to hang out.
These pictures have been taken on the roof terrace of a family property, which has not been used for several years now. I remember the skyline in 2001: a whole different world. You could also see the Milanese Duomo, the only thing I really miss – but I am guessing this new shiny face of Milan is quite impressive in a city so attached to its antique grandeur.


Many of you have emailed me privately to ask about my favorite spots in the city: this is most definitely one of them. In front of the building there are wonderful brunch places, several popular bars and lots of lovely artisan shops, and it is quite central too, so no need for a car. Walking is a no-no with my heels, but often I surrender to the romantic feeling of actually looking at the buildings. Yes, have you ever noticed how people never look up while they walk? It’s a whole another experience, the level of detail is incredible and often I feel as if I were falling in love all over again with my boyfriend city. 😀


Hello, runway shoes! Hello Vert Acide Diorissimo!  I think these two are gonna be happy together, don’t you?

Let me share something personal. The history of this rooftop terrace is wonderful, warm and speaks of past years and people that are not with us anymore. I can still remember family dinners in the warm summer evenings: it’s like a movie in my head, years going by, the skyline changing and the family changing too. Several members are gone from this world, but the memories haunt this place in a good way, and when you live in someone’s heart, you are never truly gone… or at least that is what I like to think. It was quite intense to shoot these pictures, but I would not change a second of it. Emotions, even when difficult, are what makes life precious.

So, it was a perfect background for this look that I love very much: 100% Dior, 100% class and understated elegance. Well, at least until you look at the shoes: I’ll admit that the flower ramage and the shoelaces are quite a conversation starter!
The fil rouge in this look is the wonderful pastel blue, in the dress, in the interior of the bag and on the shoes, and it’s a color that can never go wrong.


These butterfly cuties are a limited edition, and were purchased in Florence: lightweight, pink, retro – what more can I ask for?



It was an incredibly hot day, but the rooftop had some freshness, and the sun was going down too. The photographer and I felt inspired, and I could dare say that we achieved a romantic feeling of a lady waiting for someone, or just enjoying the feeling of being alone with her thoughts.

What do you think?



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