What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, they say.

But I say: Kiss me, it’s my birthday! 😀



Oh yes, mesdames et messieurs, je suis 34 and I feel fabulous!

So what better dress to celebrate than my favorite, in a fairytale setting?

Once upon a time, there was an extremely hot day in the far region of Milan. So our Lady Violante decided that she should escape town, and go to the Royal Palace of Monza park. And that she should wear a floor-lenght, chiffon wonderful Dolce & Gabbana gown…

The first time I wore that dress was at an event inside the Milan Dolce store. Lots of you have seen a pic of me walking down the street, taken from behind, and to date it’s still one of my most liked photos on Instagram.
I’m a girl’s girl, always was, always will be. Give me a gown and you’ll make me happy!

I’ve been asked what would I like for my B-day a lot these days: people automatically assume I would like an object or a gift. Well, gifts are lovely and I admit I get attached to things friends get me. For example: when they are far away, those objects can console me when I miss them, or make me remember the good times and hope for more in the future.

I like flowers! Told you, girl’s girl. What is more beautiful than a bouquet of flowers? There is a whole language in the choice of flowers, and I still think gentlemen are truly gentlemen when they give flowers to a lady. I like my home to be filled with flowers during the week, but I am an absolute disaster when it comes to any sort of gardening. No green tumb here, more like “careful, I kill”.

I’ve been gifted curious things during the years: I’ve had the weird one (edible panties. Seriously, who does that? And I’m talking women friends here!), the recycled one (from a friend’s friend, it was a picture frame with “happy Xmas” card inside! Take note people: when recycling, inspect objects thoroughly!) , the amazing one (jewellery, priceless) and sweet ones (teddy bears, which I still like: what can I say, I’m sentimental).

So, what would I like?

I’ll tell you what: a kiss, a hug, a surprise, a smile!

My phone started lighting up tonight immediately after midnight. As of tradition, it was my best friend who lives far away but whom I love with the same affection as 28 years ago when we met in music school, both shy and both blonde. She wasn’t feeling well but she remembered me.
Then IG exploded too: the amount of love coming from virtual strangers, the amazing things they’ve written to me, made me seriously tear up.
Facebook had numerous private messages and notifications.
Flowers started coming in, in the morning the phone started ringing.


Some of my favorite brands sent cards, some asked for me to come by so they could celebrate with me. That was very, very sweet.

As some of you know Chanel gave me the sweetest gift ever, inviting me to their fashion show in Paris. I am very much grateful and looking forward to #ladyviolantegoestoparis 😀



What I really wish for is health: yes, for myself, but especially for those my heart loves. Friends, family, no distinctions. One of my greatest fears is losing other people, and I am guessing this is normal and common too. I am strong, yes, but very soft on the inside even when I don’t show it: everyone needs love to feel secure, no?

So yes, I wish for love, more than anything else. Love makes my world go around, not shoes, not dresses, not the glitzy world.



You know how they say: you love someone? Tell them. You miss them? Call them. Life is short, way too short, not to show all the emotions you have. I will make it my point to tell all of my friends how I love and appreciate them, because their love and unwavering support makes me who I am today.


So, happy B-day to my 34 years old self, and a lots of love to everyone reading this: you make me dream and make me smile, and nothing is worth more than chasing dreams and smiling in the process.



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  1. Lily gabriel
    September 9, 2014 at 3:12 pm (5 years ago)

    Hello , just write to you because i would like to tell youthat i just read your ‘ birthday wish’ and i am so touch from your words !!! I dont know you in
    Persone just came across your Ig recently and i follow you … ( wish one day to have the chance to meet you ) Reading your words make me feel that you are a very special lady , and full of kindness which in our days this is unfortunatly very rare … You deserve all the ❤️


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