Good friends + a free weekend  + a motorbike + seaside + food so good you know you can’t (and won’t) resist = Rimini.

When I am not trying to overwork myself in Milan, I love spending time with friends. You know, those kind of friends you do not need to pretend with, that put you at ease and share a laughing evening with you without any goal other than having a good time. We have a dear couple of friends that corresponds to those characteristics living in Rimini, a lovely city in the region of Romagna, famous for its nightlife that is both family-friendly and crazy-partygoers-friendly too, and painfully famous for the good food. You just cannot go wrong there!

A pretty wall near to where we stayed, at our friends’ house. And there are many more – a living painting!

So last Friday we took the leap and departed in the evening: around 350 km of motorbike highway ride, endless queues (the first weekend of July is always quite a risk in Italy: meaning you risk spending it on the highway 😀 ) and horrible heat that is ten times worse because of all the cars surrounding you. I did not have to do much, just sit pretty as a passenger and wait to arrive in the midst of Mediterranean greenery, salty air and the smell of endless seafood restaurants announcing painful sessions in gym upon my return.

When I announced I was going to Rimini, a friend mocked me a bit asking whether I was in high school 😀 It’s true, Rimini ain’t a glamorous destination at all: if you’re into high end bars and VIP sightings, it’s definitely not your place to go. But the seaside is pretty, beaches are well organized and Misano (for biker lovers) ain’t far away, so I am sure I will meet kindred spirits during my stay and I will also unwind from the constant need to be picture-perfect. To me, this is the place for chic flat sandals, natural hair and close to no makeup, just a lot of sunscreen. I do admit though that I tend to bring an excessive amount of clothes – just to be on the safe side – but that is because I’m such a lousy packer who leaves everything for the last minute, so I just shove things inside the bike luggage and hope I brought matching shoes!

As I confide in everyone using Wikipedia and our friendly Google, I will not be giving you a lot of info on Rimini, but I will make sure you try my favorite spots for some yummy sins!

1) Pasticceria Vecchi, in the old core of the city, viale Tiberio 7. Just look at the pic below and tell me you aren’t drooling!


If you happen to survive the above mentioned drooling and the sight of that cappuccino, please make sure you try the bombolone alla crema, the cream-filled melts-in-your-mouth donut. You can thank me later, just as long as you don’t curse me while paying for that sin in the gym. I literally live for the moment when that deliciousness hits my mouth alongside with coffee in the morning! The added bonus is the sight of the Tiberius Bridge, a living proof of history, 2000 years old.



2) As for seafood mixed with a stunning view and a pleasant panoramic ride, go to Ristorante Il Falco at Gabicce al Mare.


The waiters are extremely kind, the place is immaculately white, there is always some summer breeze and the water is right next to you if you want to take a quick swim before lunch. Booking is an absolute must, this place is packed every single time!


Cozze e vongole – you will want to drink that soup too!

IMG_9569Linguine allo scoglio: well, if you don’t like this, please never go to Italy. End of.


Sunsets are true magic. 


Well, this is a little bonus. I just love that dress 😀

End your evening with a thick, frosty sorbetto al limone and go to bed happy. 😀

Now, as all of you know, I am also a die-hard Valentino Rossi fan. My bike is blue like his (although this was unintentional!), I follow the races, I simply adore that man who rules the tracks at 37 years old. So I had to pop by his birthplace, Tavullia, where I went completely crazy at the Taverna da Rossi with the annexed merchandise shop.

IMG_9504 IMG_9484 IMG_9485 IMG_9490 IMG_9504

Yes, you can have the piadina “Assen” or “Misano”, as well as some simple local food which is absolutely delicious. The fun fact about this piadina is that it’s just a short ride from Rimini, but it’s entirely different from what you will eat there: more flaky, more fat too, different yet so good. Don’t be fooled, it’s not your average sandwich: I surrendered after the first half, it is that heavy!

IMG_9485The whole little town is entirely painted yellow: flags, windows, murals – everything speaks of Rossi!

IMG_9484I never wished I could jump a fence more in my life 😀 This is VR46 Racing headquarters, and I was SO curious…!

IMG_9490Where are hammers when you need one?!

All in all, this area of Italy satisfies many sides of me: the rider, the fan, the seaside lover, the traveler, the foodie. There was never a time when I wished I was in a perhaps trendier, more famous place: there isn’t only food for the stomach – this is food for the soul. Heartily recommended by yours truly.


Lady V


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  1. Maria
    July 5, 2016 at 4:58 am (3 years ago)

    What a story, lovely. I have been to Rimini twice. It is so warm and friendly. Very nice and, as you write, so good food.


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