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Twist a Saint-Tropez

A Saint-Tropez, la luna si desta con te
E balla il twist
Contando le stelle in ciel
Ma la stella ancor più bella
Non è in cielo, è qui vicino a me
A Saint-Tropez

To those of you who aren’t Italian – the lyrics above are a classic. End of 😀

Saint Tropez 1



Fifty shades of Lady V: The Basics

The color is to me the air I breathe: it reflects my personality, explains subtly to the world surrounding me the way I feel every day, and makes me feel unique in a sea of black-dressed people.


A suitcase bursting with color, pic by Simone Martucci. 

So how exactly do I mix and match colors, and what makes me go for certain combinations?

Welcome to Fifty shades of Lady V – The Basics


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