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A truly iconic dress

The dress I am going to show you has a story. In fact, several months ago I’ve had an accident that placed me into a hospital┬áto have surgery for a broken hand. While I was resting afterwards, I got an e-mail alert saying that the dress of my dreams was again available at Farfetch. In my size, too. But I was in my hospital bed, without any credit card around, alone at the moment: what could I do? I texted one of my dearest friends, the man I call my brother, and I said: it’s there, what can I do? So he tracked the store, called them and got the dress aside for me, allowing me to pay through a wire transfer. There’s no stopping a shopaholic! The happy ending was behind the corner: a couple of days afterwards I was home, and so was the magic dress straight from the Dolce & Gabbana runway, unavailable in every store across Europe.




The beginning.




First of all, welcome!

As some of you who have been following me on Instagram already know, my name is Sandra and I am a Milan-based fashion lover.
This blog, which is to be my virtual home that I will share with readers all around the world, is the result of my own curiosity towards style, what defines it and how my own personality and wishes fit into the contemporary meaning of “fashionable”.

Lady Violante is what my friends call me, a fun nickname that simply stuck and has contributed to the idea of sharing my lifestyle, choices and all the fun stuff I get across with all those who will follow me!

If you are here and reading my “welcome” words, you like fashion / beauty / creativity, combined or each of them on their own. Every single day I get endless inspiration from my home city: Milan is special and will be heavily featured in my blog. It has been my home for over a decade now and never ceases to amaze me. I am also happy to say that here I have met lots of brilliant, creative people who have first encouraged me to break the limits of not fitting into the classical “fashion mould”, bringing my permanently smiling self out of my privacy, opening my life to strangers who share my interests and therefore opening myself to a world of possibilities. ┬áTo them, and you know who you are, I say “thank you” and “I love you”.

This is not going to be a classic fashion / luxury lifestyle blog; it will bring lots of pictures of a woman who is not a model, who does not work in fashion, but sure loves to play with it without ever losing her own identity. It will also provide my points of view, my favorite things, places, all the brilliant people I am lucky to meet and all the sparkly, lively things I get to see by living in an antique city with a modern soul, and also while I travel the world with eyes wide open.

Everyone is welcome to comment, encourage, share, or simply say hello, whether it is through the comments section or by emailing me directly.

The wait is over, it is time for a new beginning, and I’ll be happy to share it with you!


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